Gorilla Charity Virunga Mountan Gorilla Profiles
With thanks to gorilla.cd, you can view the gorilla profiles here via their site. Not all the gorillas have been added as yet, but more will be posted in time. Rather than duplicate the profiles here, do check out the link.
Great Ape Survival Charity
Help Save GorillasVirunga Ranger Profiles
With thanks to gorilla.cd, you can read about many of the rangers through their profiles here. All those working ‘in the field’ are featured and not all are rangers, but many work on the ground, alongside them. Additional ranger profiles are added from time to time, so do revisit and read the rangers stories, as told by themselves.
Mountain Gorilla Survival

courtesy of gorila.cd

At the time of writing (May 2009) there are 12 gorilla orphans being cared for in Rwanda and DR Congo. All were victims of various illegal activities that continue to plague DR Congo, such as the illegal pet trade and poaching for bushmeat.

Poaching and the illegal trade in infants is unfortunately still a common occurrence. more....

G4G Fundraising Events

Check out the Events Calendar to see what’s happening! We’re up to all kinds of things this year from organising dog shows, music gigs, attending shows and giving presentations.




Project 2014

Virunga Nationat Park's very first

Environmental Education Centre
Target - 20,000

The Centre building has been completed; the funding for the teacher and their training is almost there
 just the displays to go!


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